Off Locations Being Added

State Representative 179 District – Jason Dawkins – Office at Paul Street & Frankford Avenue

City Councilwoman – Maria Quinnonnes – Office at mascher Street and Allegheny Avenue

Tommy’s Resturant – 5511 North 5th Street (Tabor Road)

Greater Olney Library – 5501 North 5th Street (Tabor Road)

These are new Shoe Drop Off locations for the HVC Shoe Drive Campaign

Where You Can Drop Off Shoe Donations

Allegheny West Section Philadelphia – Chalmers Park, 2800 North 29th Street, 19132 Saturdays and Sundays from 11a.m. until 3p.m.

Allegheny West Section Philadelphia – Molly Hairston’s Porch, 2805 North 28th Street, 19132 Daily

Allegheny West Section Philadelphia – Ramona Reid’s Porch, 2703 West Silver Street, 19132 Daily

Strawberry Mansion Section Philadelphia – Widener Library, 2808 West Lehigh Avenue, 19132 Tuesdays only from 10a.m. until 2p.m.

Strawberry Mansion Section Philadelphia – Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Council (NAC)/Community Development Corporation (CDC) Offices, 2829 West Diamond Street, 19132 Monday through Fridays during office hours.

Strawberry Mansion Section Philadelphia – Hooks Barber Shop, 1804 Susquehanna Street, 19121 Tuesdays through Saturdays during office hours.

Frankford Section Philadelphia – Ray of Hope Porch, 1358 Ruan Street 19124 Daily

Frankford Section Philadelphia – State Representative (179th District) Jason Dawkins Office, 4667 Paul Street 19124 Monday through Friday during office hours.

Frankford Section Philadelphia – Faith Assembly of God Church, 1926 Margaret Street 19124 Monday through Sunday.

Olney Section Philadelphia – New Horizon Baptist Church, 5537 Rising Sun Avenue 19120 Monday through Sunday.

Olney Section Philadelphia – Greater Olney Library, 5501 North 5th Street 19120 Wednesday Only 12pm until 4pm.

Olney Section Philadelphia – Tommy’s Place Restaurant, 5513 North 5th Street 19120 Wednesday Only 12pm until 4pm.

Brewerytown/Sharswood Section Philadelphia – State Representative (195th District) Donna Bullock’s Office, 2836 West Girard Avenue 19130 Monday through Friday during office hours.

East Parkside Section Philadelphia – East Parkside Residents Association Porch, 4168 West Poplar Street 19104 Daily.

Carroll Park Section Philadelphia – State Representative (190th District) Vanessa L. Brown’s Office, 52nd and Media Streets 19104 Monday through Friday during office hours.

Cobbs Creek Section Philadelphia – Laura Sims Skate House Lobby, Cobbs Creek Parkway at Walnut Street 19139 Opens at 1p.m. Daily.

Wynnewood Section Montgomery County – Temple Beth El, 1001 Remington Road

Wynnewood Section Montgomery County – Main Line Reform Temple, Montgomery Avenue

28 Madison Street, Mt. Vernon, New York 10550

New Drop Off Locations are being added on a regular basis.  Visit this site for updates of additional locations often.


Welcome to the HVC Shoe Drive Campaign! About the Harmonious Volunteer Center can be found at our website:  About our HVC Shoe Drive Campaign:  As advocates to find alternatives for General Assistance in Pennsylvania we have engaged in receiving Shoe Donations for the purpose of Fund Raising to create an Economic Stimulus in underserved neighborhoods.  There are other reasons of our interest such as: Improving Air Quality by diverting Shoes from the Landfills to reduce Greenhouse Gases; Helping people in the United States and in 3rd World Countries receive the benefits of receiving shoes in times of need; and responsible recycling for repurposing materials used to manufacture shoes.  We have paid training for individuals who receive income from the work generated by shoe collections which means we are creating Jobs!!!

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